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Leisures and discoveries nearby Lamalou les bains -

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Operetta festival

The first lyrical performance has been played in the Casino theatre in 1878 ! We follow past tradition in Lamalou-les-Bains.!
The "Lamalou-les-Bains festival" has been created in 1975 by Fernand L'Huillier. This festival has been inspired by the lyrical season organised by Maurice Cazals since 1949.
Frédéric L'Huilier succeeds the artistic direction and represents the "Festival de Lamalou". During 6 weeks, the city hosts more than 8 000 spectators for the summer festival and presents opera, operetta and musical. He follows the tradition of creating a sedentary company who plays many festival shows. In 2003, Frédéric L'Huilier creates the winter festival who meets a total success with his shows, concerts, conventions and films showing.
The Casino Theatre presents more than 25 lyrical shows every year which are play in many French and Belgian theatres.
Information and reservation at the town hall

Musical moments : concerts in July and August at the St Pierre de Rhèdes church -

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Gold 9 holes of Lamalou

By 35 • 2 600 meters. Loyalty card per month or year. Green fee 9 holes - Club House Our establishment has a partnership with “le club”.

The Lamalou-les-Bains golf, open all year, is located in an unic site in the heart of the regional natural High Languedoc park. The golf courses required an easiness of game but still is adapted to beginner and confirmed player. Dedicated to all levels.

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Discover the High Languedoc and his surroundings by motorbike leaving by Belleville hotel. Dedicated to passionate pilots, we propose you some of the most beautiful motorbike circuits of Europe leaving by the hotel. Our different road-books will guide you through a variety of splendid landscapes.

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La Passa Païs Green Path

The landscape changes every season. Many stopping places to admire the Caroux, all the overlooked moutains, the streams which flow under bridges and tunnels that illuminate when you cross them by bikes. All the walkers are always very happy to be able to enjoy this place shared with harmony. A great success that us ; residents of the area ; we enjoy yearly.

Parc naturel régional du haut Languedoc Passapais voie verte
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On the top of the High-Languedoc mountain

On the top of the High-Languedoc mountain, the Caroux mountain, which culminates at 1 150m , is well known by the amateur of authenticity, meeting and show. You can admire the most fabulous open view of the Languedoc and the Pyrénées moutains from the Caroux plateau.
In the heart of these mountains and in the national hunting and wild fauna reserve of Caroux-Espinouse leave a mouflon population of more than a thousand of individual that have won the most famous French trophies.

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Gorges d’Héric and

The Héric hamlet is a well known route as well as a starting point for many climbing sites and hiking routes crossed by many vacationers, hikers and climbers.
Enjoy a refreshing moment or go sunbathing along the swimming ponds of the Gorges d’Héric.
A the end of the walk to the Héric village, a nice refreshment area will welcomes you.

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Lake Salagou

Salagou lake is located in a vast stretch of water in the middle of red rock hills. Lake Salagou offers an extraordinary shade of colours.
This sunny place is the perfect place for leisures, sailing lovers, hiking, cycling through the nature, family walk or just for a relaxing moment.

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Raviège lake

The lake is of 410 hectares whose the main part flows in the Salvetat-sur-Agoût territory. This artificial lake has dug furrows in the forest. This lake is well known for leisures and water sports.
Fishing in river Agout or in the lake is very popular activity in this area.

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